Why Indepedent?

MIPA, or the Midwest Independent Practice Association, is comprised of independent primary care and specialty physicians throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin who are free to partner with you in making healthcare decisions that are in your best interest.

When you choose an independent physician, you're selecting a doctor who accepts the challenges and extra time required to remain independent to best serve you. This independence allows doctors the freedom to prescribe any medication, refer you to any doctor or hospital, or question any health plan directive for the sole benefit of you, the patient. In short, if you're looking for a physician who is free to give you ALL your choices all the time, you're most likely to find this with independent physicians in private practice.

In addition, by opting for MIPA and the services of an independent doctor, you're choosing:

  • More personal service. MIPA doctors are committed to your unique needs and provide convenience, unhurried appointments, courteous staff and convenient office hours.
  • Broader treatment options. The independent physicians of MIPA can perform or recommend any test, treatment or surgery, and refer you to any doctor or hospital, regardless of location or affiliation. Your treatment is determined by what is best for you.
  • A true healthcare partnership. Decisions regarding your medical care should be made and discussed by you, the patient, and your doctor, and not defined or constrained by health plans, business offices or switchboard operators. Your independent physician is committed to working with you and your unique needs and concerns.

Whether you need a family doctor or specialist, want preventive care or follow-up treatment, are fighting a cold or facing major surgery, MIPA’s network of independent doctors can offer you comprehensive, convenient and personalized healthcare options.


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